Sunday, February 19, 2017

Imaginext Power Rangers Second Wave

In 2015 Imaginext started Mighty Morphin Power Rangers line

With remote control Dragon Dagger and shield Green Ranger

Zord Battle Armor
First came in Red, Blue and Black and later transparent Yellow

Transparent Yellow Zord Battle Armor, Green Ranger coming soon.

Rita and Finster
Metallic Brown Rita and metallic Finster

Command Center
Comes with Blue Ranger and Alpha

Power Rangers Alien Invasion
Red, Black and Green Rangers vs repackaged aliens that have nothing to do with the series.

 Terror Toad and Z-Putty
Terror Toad is a repaint of another Imaginext toy.

Triceratops Battle Bike with Blue and Pink Rangers

Mastodon Battle Bike with Yellow and Black Ranger

Rita Repulsa and Moon Base
Repaint of Imaginext Castle Wizard Tower, comes with Rita and Putty

 Coming soon White Tigerzord (photo from MMPRToys) 

Also coming soon:
Babboo and Squatt
Unicorn Thunderzord and Blue Ranger

NY Toy Fair 2017: Ninja Steel, Movie, and Legacy

Majority of these pics are from TokuNation and MMPRToys, none are mine. I won't post them all, just of new stuff. 

Madam Odius and more villain toys

Ninja Outfits and Master Mode

Lion Fire Fortress Zord

Ninja Com

Gold Ranger training set

Gold Ranger Morpher, no Burger morpher

Capsule toys

Black and Gold Titanus and Legacy Zeo Rangers

Movie Megazord mask and Legacy Movie Red Ranger Helmet and Legacy movie Power Coins

 From Bruno at MMPRToys
Dino Thunder Legacy figs

5 inch Rita, I think this will be for the Then and Now packages. 

Ninja Coins

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Galactic Sentinels Issue Three

Issue Three based on the iconic Spider-Man panel where Peter Parker quits (mimicked in Spider-Man 2). 
Variant cover by Ryan Lindberg

Former Galactic Sentinel from the planet Janus (not the moon). Rick’s real name is hard to pronounce. He is cold, indifferent and after being the sole survivor of his planet, he became a h      itchhiker. He ends up on Earth and Drew catches his eyes. He tries convincing her to quit the sentinels. He sticks around for a bit. He lies to her about the past, showing her a false memory that Nimbar abandoned them but in reality it was his fault his friends died. He tries to take down Gorganus on his own to no avail.
Ursa – Orion’s former teammate, a snarky but cool guy.
Draco – Orion’s former teammate, a fierce but logical fighter, sometimes would butt heads with Orion. She later turns out to be alive and is a secret member of the Order of Ophiuchus, who have huge tattoos. Her weapon is a trident.
Leo – Orion’s former teammate, energetic, artistic, caring and a bit egocentric.